Yes, I own jeans!

and it’s not just because I received these complimentary.  😉  This posting is for my friend, Mal, who said she was convinced I did not own jeans….  Well, I do!  (Even before THIS pair!)  😛  I thought this outfit was a great mix of comfort and a night out.

These jeans are from Poised.

This sexy and very functional top is from Graffitiwear.   There are 11 of these beautifully textured corset tops that can be dressed up or down.

Top- Graffitiwear Baroque Corset Top- silver * complimentary for blogging

Jeans- Poised Little Wing Jeans * complimentary for blogging

Sandals- Swansong Maleeha Sandal- Pewter

Purse- [glow] studio Sexy and the City bag- grey

Hair- Truth Marcelle mocha


About Eliza Mint

Second Life Model
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One Response to Yes, I own jeans!

  1. Malicious Seelowe says:

    Too funny. You do own jeans!!!! And look darn cute in ’em too.

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