Shades of Brown

I received a few new items from lovely designers and wanted to piece something together.  First is these fabulous bracelets from je suis…, called grande.  They are in all colors and customizable like all of je suis…’s jewelry!  The earrings are a tad older, je suis…’s asymetrique.  I love being able to color match and mix with these pieces.

Next is this fabulously free hair from Truth District.  I know, I know… we all have it now but it is so versatile and FREE in every color.  Did I mention that it even drove me to try being a blonde?!  lol.  The hairband changes colors too…  What are you waiting for?  Strip down bald and almost naked, remove all attachments and HUDs and check out Truth District and get this hair!  Yes, the lag is rivaling the Hair Fair.  Psst…I got a new system for getting into full sims.  I stood on a neighboring sim line and tried to walk in.  Of course it doesn’t work the first shot, but if you just sit on your up arrow, eventually when someone exits the sim, you just push right in.  “Just stay away from the sims I want in and we won’t have any problems,” she says in her Brooklyn-esque accent.  😉

I’m loving these brown boots a friend passed.  Step Ahead has some great footwear.  Very sexy and skin matching went very easily!  (Always a key factor in footwear!)

Dress: Kunglers leather dress

Belt: Ingenue– Highland Traveler Belt

Shoes: Step Ahead– Diva Boots- brown

Earrings: je suis… asymetrique

Bracelets: je suis… grande.  BRAND NEW

Hair: TRUTH District– Becky Streaked0 golden

Pose: Manifeste


About Eliza Mint

Second Life Model
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