I Told Ya I Was a Witch!

It is not widely known that I was a witch for Halloween for most of my childhood.  I do recall a few random other costumes (devil, ghost, Raggedy Ann), but all the other years from birth until 7th grade, I was a witch.  Of course, I kept growing so my parents had to buy me new costumes every year.  So, was I channeling my inner self or did I simply have a severe lack of imagination?

This costume certainly doesn’t suffer from that problem.  The best thing of all is that it’s FREE in Jolbey & Jasper ‘s Midnight Mania board.  There’s also a sexy all black version for $199L.  This broom, also from Jolbey & Jasper, is just $80.  Sparkles can be turned on or off. It’s also fully fly-able!  I flew all around happily crashing into buildings.  hehe

Outfit- Jolbey & Jasper Burlesque Witch- Midnight Mania FREE

Broom- Jolbey & Jasper Witches Broom

Hair- Truth– Annette

Boots- BAX Ankle Boots


About Eliza Mint

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