Mesh Evening Gown

This ravishing mesh gown is from siss boom.  I haven’t cared for most of the other mesh clothing that I’ve seen but this one stood out to me.  Maybe it’s the sexy back cut-out.  Also, two different sizes were included, regular and curvy.  Now, I’m pretty average far as most female avatars go, 56 Bust, and yet I needed the to wear the curvy size.  I know mesh is still developing.  I did like the idea of having different sizes in the pack rather than an included shape.  If you’re anything like me, you throw on the folder and then gasp as you realize that you put a new shape on.   Another mesh gripe I have is that you can’t wear multiple alphas.  I kept throwing on my usual prim feet shoes and seeing the alpha on the dress come off.  I can be a little dense, so it took a few times for me to toss my pixel heels across the room before I realized that I couldn’t use multiple alphas.  Well, we can finally use multiple tattoo layers…. maybe multiple alphas is next.  I’m happy more designers are trying mesh though.   In time, all these kinks will work out I’m sure.

This beautiful jewelry set is from Chop Zuey!  I liked adding a splash of color to this black gown.

Dress: siss boom tempermental

Necklace and Earrings: Chop Zuey Mysteria

Shoes: HOC MIB Stilettos

Hair: Amacci Fayne- Coffee

Nails: je suis… naive 003 grey

Eyeshadow: elymode coal & teal 2

Poses: Diesel Works



About Eliza Mint

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2 Responses to Mesh Evening Gown

  1. Olaenka Chesnokov says:

    Multiple alphas are wearable in most newer viewers other than Phoenix (Firestorm, v3, Exodus, etc.). Right click an alpha to Add rather than wear. They work similarly to tattoo layer multiples. Have fun!

    • Eliza Mint says:

      Excellent! Yes, I admit I am a Phoenix addict… It’s so hard to get used to “the other side”. Yet another reason to keep trying! Thank you Olaenka!

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