Purple Moon and Photographer Daron Brandeis

This beautiful Rusalka gown released by Purple Moon a few days ago needs no introduction.  A short cocktail version of this gown was even released free to members!

I hadn’t had professional photographs done in a while and chose Daron Brandeis to photograph this particular gown.  While I stood there on the pose stand, he and his assistant, Sazzy Nirpaw, worked around me creating the set you see below.  Their magic is not about Photoshop but using what the Second Life Gods have given us inworld.  That’s an actual staircase, an actual table, actual props, not an imported backdrop.  I was extremely impressed by their techniques and will certainly be contacting them for future photography needs.

Dress: Purple Moon Rusalka Gown in Black/Pink

Jewelry: Donna Flora Rosalinda

Hair: EMO-tions Florence with flowers- brown

Pose: Agapee

Set design by: Sazzy Nirpaw

Photographs by: Daron Brandeis










About Eliza Mint

Second Life Model
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