Rock Me Amadeus Lace Dresses

Rock Me Amadeus has just released these sexy new lace dresses.  These can be dressed up (such as me here standing in Crack Den Roleplay.  lol) or as a scrumptious lingerie piece.  This dress is sold in 8 colors.  The all black version is very sexy but I had these new heels from Felicity that I wanted blog.  I will admit, they are not rivaling N-Core or Stiletto Moody, but for the price, you can’t beat them!  $30L group fee gets you about 8 group gifts in the store.  They are the old-school (and honestly my favorite system!) circle color HUD that you edit to colorize.  Simple stuff here!  Sometimes going back to basics can be good….

I love my new hair!  I’ve said before how much I like curly hair in SL (probably because I have it in RL and hate it!  hehe)  This EMO-tions hair, Finya, is extremely realistic.  Love it!

I am also showing another freebie necklace and earrings from Miel.  This free subscribo gift is gorgeous and can be colorized by beads or string.

The last freebie I’m showing is these nails from Gabriel.  This store is a new discovery for me.  (I previously thought it was just for men.  So wrong I was…)  The nails are pale shades but colorize to three options.  Beautiful!

Dress: Rock Me Amadeus Lace Dress Hot Pink

Shoes: Felicity Elyse Wedges

Jewelry: Miel Uva

Hair: EMO-tions Finya- dark brown

Nails: Gabriel Cute Pearl Ring Nails (Group Gift)


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