Victorian Jolbey & Jasper

A little Victorian, a little Steampunk.  Jolbey & Jasper’s new Victorian Rose dress has a beautiful lace top and long fitted jacket.  The lace is easier removable for a sleeveless top.  The blue version on the bottom is a free Midnight Mania prize.  This color comes without the jacket or hat.

I don’t wear a lot of hats and this design gave me an opportunity to go digging.  The top photo is the included hat.  Beautiful and well-made!

Dresses: Jolbey & Jasper Victorian Rose (from top to bottom) Cerise, Violet, & Blue (last is Midnight Mania Prize)

Hats (from top to bottom): Jolbey & Jasper ribbon hat, Purple Moon Ava in Black, Hatter is Mad– Blue Roses Top Hat

Hair: Truth Annette- chocolate

Boots: BAX Ankle Boot- Black leather


About Eliza Mint

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One Response to Victorian Jolbey & Jasper

  1. Malicious Seelowe says:

    As always, you look stunning.

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