Inexpensive Bargains at Apple May & Purple Moon

Wonderful newness and inexpensive too!   This adorable and versatile dress and brown mesh pullover is available from Apple May Designs for just $75L!  In the middle of my photoshoot, I crashed and relogged into my non-meshy Phoenix and viola!  The outfit looks just as cute without mesh jacket.

Purple Moon really impressed me with their new Monogram Bag.  Now, I admit, I’m not one for purses in SL.  I mean, what am I carrying?  (Kind of like food in SL.) This purse’s details are perfect!  Did I mention it’s mesh?

Purple Moon and boots- another great combo.  Three designs with faux 😛 animal furs were introduced for Thursday $55L!  I ran, panting… my Lindens in my Monogram purse.

Dress & Pullover: Apple May Designs Minerva (Only $75L)

Boots: Purple Moon Tara Ankle Boots in Brown Fur (Thursday $55L)

Purse: Purple Moon Monogram Bag Brown

Hair: Truth Faith- chocolate

Nails: je suis… naive- Brown

Poses: Glitterati



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