Snowpaws- hunt freebie

I love this new hair from D!va, named Ruri.  It’s in two styles of bangs as well.  This is Type B.  I do also want to pass my unofficial Best Hair Demo award to creator Marisa Kira.  They have cute little birds that sit on your head for the demo.  They are so well-trained and don’t poop or nuttin’ !

While on a hair shopping spree, I wanted to go on a rant.  I hate paying $1L for hair demos!  (And D!va has free demos, so I certainly don’t mean there!)  It’s not the $1L, seriously.  I’m cheap but I’m not that cheap!  The only thing I ask, if you’re charging for a demo AT LEAST give all hair colors in the demo package.  It is a pet peeve to stare at a pure white hair demo with a big section of the hair marked DEMO DEMO DEMO and try to imagine what that might look in brown.  Or a blonde woman having to look at a black demo and imagine the same thing.  So, if you’re going to charge for demos, at least give a decent color selection for your customers.  It usually leads me to just assume the hair is likely to look crappy on me… and continue onto the next store….

So Snowpaws is a new discovery for me, thanks to the “Where is the Concert?” hunt.  Beautiful designs as great prices!

Dress: Snowpaws Watercolor Lyric Dress- “Where is the Concert?” Hunt

Shoes- G Field Flower Pumps- teal

Jewelry: Chop Zuey Mysteria Necklace & Earrings- blue

Hair: D!va Ruri (Type B)- Citrine

Eyeshadow: elymode coal & color shadows- red

Nails: Candy Nails Birth tone Diamond- April

Poses: Manifeste



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