New graphics card! Sassy hunt gift!

So I installed more memory, graphics card, and a power supply.  (Go Eliza!)  And voila!  I have shadows!  YAY!

I grabbed this great hunt gift at Sassy and immediately asked my better half to get it too because it has matching man/woman outfits.  Great for Valentines Day!  I asked Arthus what he thought of it and he said, “Well, I look like an accessory.”  lol.  But he’s sweet to indulge me and I dragged him off for a photo session.

And what a beautiful animation for Valentine’s Day from Glitterati…. The store is having 50% off all couples and friends animations through February 17th!

On Eliza:

Dress and shrug: Sassy– Date Night- Jack or Jill Hunt

Shoes: G Field Flower Pumps- teal

Jewelry: Chop Zuey Mysteria Blue

Hair: Osmose Gift- Soil

Nails: Candy Nails Birth Stone- Amethyst

On Arthus:

Sweater and Pants (collar removed for some photos): Sassy– Date Night- Jack or Jill Hunt

Shoes: (gotta wait until he logs in… men never remember this stuff….)

Hair: EMO-tions Myst- Black

Pose: Glitterati Just You



About Eliza Mint

Second Life Model
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