Super Bowl Time!

Well, I’m from New York and New Jersey, but have lived in Massachusetts long enough that if I cared enough about football, it would really be a toss up for me.  (Shhh, don’t tell my NJ people, ok?  They take this stuff seriously.)

So if you like football or just know someone who does… take a look at these cute designs.  And if your team wins, you’ll most definitely want to flaunt it come Monday!  Either way both outfits come with a football you can use to bounce off your guy’s head.  (Just kidding.  Football can not be thrown.  It’s a great idea though!  Imagines beaning guys’ heads while they watch the game…)

Both outfits come with white and blue versions.

I have the house to myself today and I think I’ll watch a real chick flick no one else will appreciate.  (I’m thinking Water for Elephants.  I don’t think I could get more chick flicky than Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson.)

Both Patriots & Giants Outfits, including hats, shoes, and football: Pretty Lady

Hairs: Truth Becky-golden  and Truth Faith- chocolate

Poses: Glitterati 237 & by ImAOzGrl Scared of the Football



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