Valentine Burlesque

Get ready for Valentine’s!  This sexy and sultry burlesque outfit is perfect for that private show.  Glitterati by Sapphire’s Forbidden Affair comes with more options than seen here.  The corset can be underbust (as shown) or overbust.  There are also long and short skirts.  Speaking of the skirt, it comes as rippable!  This means that anyone can click it and receive a menu to remove!  You then have the right to accept or decline.  Imagine the possibilities  😉  There’s also non-rippable versions when you just want people to keep their hands to themselves.

The cane shown is also included and comes with the shown pose.  There’s a couple other canes as well.  One has a heart poofer and the other is without animation/hearts to use your own dances or poses with.





Outfit: Glitterati by Sapphire Forbidden Affair

Shoes: BAX Ankle Boots- Black

Earrings: je suis… princess

Hair: EMO-tions Mandara

Pose: within included cane



About Eliza Mint

Second Life Model
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