Meghindo’s freebies

I’ve decided to try to condense the way my pictures are displayed for the sake of space.  Hopefully people like.

Today I received a group gift from Meghindo’s.  Inside it where several goodies, including this luxurious top, hanging diamond earrings, and this clutch purse that has finger grips to fit your hand perfectly!  I decided to pair it with this flowing skirt from Purple Moon.  Perfect for a night on the town!

Top: Meghindo’s Dita’s

Skirt: Purple Moon Ana- Dark Chocolate

Earrings: Meghindo’s Clear Diamonds

Clutch: Meghindo’s McQueen Clutch- Silver Trim

Hair: Purple Moon Norah skirt

Lipstick: Meghindo’s L’oreal GlamShine Lipgloss- Vintage Autumn

Eye Shadow: elymode coal & red-2

Pose: Glitterati & Manifeste

Location: Prada


About Eliza Mint

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