Last Nails You Will Ever Need….

Jamman Jewels & Accessories is offering a Promo this week on the fabulous nail HUD.  $599 marked down to $199!  I own a lot of nails.  I estimate about 50 pairs.  I use only two different shapes, hands size 10 and 20. That leads to a lot of nail sizes I’ll probably never use, just hanging around my inventory.

Jamman has a cure for this… Look at the right side of the picture of the HUD.  Four sizes of nails within the same HUD!  And three lengths of nails!

You get in one box gloves, a right hand and left and this HUD…. and that is all you need!

It also comes in 50 colors, full color and french style, so 100 nail colors/styles!  That alone completely impressed me.  I’ve certainly spent $1000’s of Lindens so far just to have that.

If that wasn’t all…. customizable rings are included.  You can change the ring metal color or the stone color…. or remove the rings completely.  Every style is customized.  Wear 3 rings on the right hand, 2 on the left… zero… whatever you want.  The combinations are endless.

You may never take these nails off!  Buy at the marketplace.

The possibilities are endless.

Outfit: Dew Frilled shirt & high waisted pants

Hair: D!va Rena Type B – citrine

Nails: Jamman– Deluxe Fingernails

Poses: Vista & Glitterati

Location: HPMD


About Eliza Mint

Second Life Model
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