New Period Dress from EMO-tions- coming Saturday!

What a versatile new release from EMO-tions.  You could fit it into a variety of time periods (according to my untrained eye at least).  I love the colors in this dress, simple and natural.  It’s probably something the average woman would wear everyday, to cook, to clean, to serve a bottle of rum.  The skirt in particular has great detail in the hanging folds.  Beautiful!  This hair is also a new release named Alyssa.  Long and flowing!  Remember…. they aren’t released until Saturday!

I’d actually never been on this sim before just found it when searching for a pirate sim.  It’s called Pirate Cove and is a brand-new roleplay.  I had an opportunity to meet the sim owner who came to greet me.  She’s hoping to start roleplaying soon and there’s even a group to join.  It’s shaping up to a great looking location and will feature pirate and slave wench roleplay.  Period roleplay is near and dear to my heart, so if you’re like me, definitely check it out.
3-21-12 EMO-tions

3-21-12 EMO-tions

Dress: EMO-tions Martha

Hair: EMO-tions Alyssa- brown

Poses: Manifeste & Everglow

Location: Alamut


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