Hippy Chick

Anyone that knows me in RL knows my complete love and adoration for the color purple.  I love it and look good in it.  I saw this dress skirt from Paris Metro and it looked so Bohemian, I had to try it on its own.  I matched it with Rock Me Amadeus’s Chey top and a few accessories from je suis…, including a newly released necklace from the OGlam mall!
3-23-12 Paris Metro

3-23-12 Paris Metro

Skirt: Paris Metro Pailey Kisses- purple (part of dress)

Top: Rock Me Amadeus Chey- purple

Belt: je suis… iconique waist belt- purple

Necklace: je suis… turquois necklace sneak peek (only at OGlam)

Earrings: je suis… Boheme

Hair: D!va Naomi- citrine (group gift)

Nails: Jamman Deluxe Fantasy Color HUD

Poses: Dare sshape & Slash Me Poses is a Proposer Gal2

Location: Misty Mountains


About Eliza Mint

Second Life Model
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