Elvenbreath for Fantasy Faire

When I started blogging I always said that I would never gush apologies about being away for a period of time, but man oh man…. 2 weeks feel like forever!  I was away a week and returned home to find NO INTERNET!  Take away my phone.  Take away my TV, but not my internet!!!

OK…. back and YAY!  Fantasy Faire time!

This gorgeous emsemble is from Elvenbreath for the Fantasy Faire.  It is located on the Shifting Sands sim through April 29th.  All purchases of this item go straight to Relay for Life, so shop generously!

I love the necklace on this outfit as well.  A very unique design, as if it is blowing in the breeze.

4-22-12 Elvenbreath

Dress: Elvenbreath Indira (includes Necklace)

Earrings: made by self from the gold leaves on dress

Hair: EMO-tions Alice- brown

Shoes: Just Mine Lori flats- Berry

Pose: Manifeste

Location: HappyMood


About Eliza Mint

Second Life Model
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