Horse Avatar for Fantasy Faire

What a stunning animal!  This horse avatar has oodles of options to customize his/her look and also animations and gestures to add to your role play!

This avatar is from Hoof It! for the Fantasy Faire.  It is located on the Shifting Sands sim through April 29th.

In this first picture, the horse is wearing the optional Arabian tack.

4-22-12 Hoof It! Horse Avatar for Fantasy Faire
The picture below is the horse avatar as it comes.  There are 3 HUDs to further customize your avatar.  You can change the eyes to any color at all.  You can even make the right and left different colors.

In these next two pictures, I’m showing different facial markings.  You can choose from 6 styles!

A HUD also changes the horse ears to different positions, as you can see.

The HUDs also allow 4 different adjustments for the leg coloring.  Just to show you, I have adjusted each leg below a different option.  You can always mix to make your horse unique.

I can’t easily show all the options here.  You have to try it!  You’ll be kicking up the dirt as you run through the pasture or even pooping on your friends’ lawns (9 prims for poo).  😉  Very fun and the best part is that all money goes to Relay for Life!  So have fun while supporting cancer research and assistance to those struggling to survive this awful disease.

Horse Avatar & tack: Hoof It! Horse Avatar- black

Locations: Castleworld & Serenite


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