More Fantasy Faire…. Petite clothes and Wings…. oh my!

Ok, so… I broke down and bought a mesh petite avatar and OMG…. my first impression was “I am too stinking cute!”

This avatar from Al Vulo is just adorable.  I really didn’t know what to expect though I’d tried the demos.  You get a couple HUDs to control your smile or frown and another to change your skin color!  Pink, green, darker… it’s great because you have lots of options.  I admit to not being too versed in “drow”and other fantasy creators, but hey, I can change skin color to match my outfits.  😉

A couple mesh avatar issues that I was not expecting… 1) If you change back to full-size, you end up contorted and need to relog.  No huge deal.  2) It is hard to deal with the camera while small.  I guess I could change the camera view to a different angle, but then who wants to keep adjusting if going back and forth between full and petite?  Along the same lines, it’s hard to cam around for photos!  If I alt-click my body to frame myself in a picture, it’s not accurate and I end up half-off the screen.  I seem to have to click around my ankles to get myself framed in the picture.  Basically taking pictures is just going to take longer.  3) Sometimes my little eyeballs seem to pop out… So I (gently) push them back inside my head and then after I relog… they are sunken deep inside.  Hmmm…. not sure why this happens.

First, I want to point out the wings in these outfits.  They are from Vaengi and are at  the Shifting Sands sim at Fantasy Faire!  The shop actually has oodles of wings from dark bat styles to these gentle fairy-like wings.  I’ll try to show more in the coming days.  I’m happy to say that they shrink to Petite-size in a snap.  There is a HUD to adjust size, as well as flexi vs. stiff, etc.  I chose “micro”and did slight repositioning and it was done!  There’s even “xmicro” if they come out with even tinier avatars.  Hmm…. baby petites, perhaps?  (has a horrible image of tummy talking petites…  at least if you use my idea, please share the Lindens, k?)

These outfits are from Elvenbreath, made for petites.  The adorable orange “Jeannie” is fabulously detailed AND is for Relay for Life at the Fantasy Faire.  It is located on the Shifting Sands sim.  Bracelets included!  I just need a little genie bottle now…

You may recognize the hair in both of these stylings.  They are from D!va and are simply resized down to fit.  (I think I hit -10% about 7 times and then did some tweaking from there.)  Against, sized in a snap!  Happy to know I can use my favorite hairs for Teeny Eliza.

4-23-12 Elvenbreath & Vaengi

Outfit: Elvenbreath Little Jeannie

Hair: D!va Diva2- citrine (free group gift)

Wings: Vaengi Ragged Fairy wings, Irid Jewel 07

Pose: AnimA

Location: Ode
4-23-12 Elvenbreath & Vaengi

4-23-12 Elvenbreath & Vaengi

Outfit: Elvenbreath Sissy

Hair: D!va Sora Type B- citrine

Wings: Vaengi Angel Gabriel Wings, tintable 01

Poses: Frozen Panty & Glitterati

Locations : HappyMood & Ode


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