Dark loveliness abounds at the Shifting Sands sim at the Fantasy Faire, featuring a few of the creations here by EMO-tions, Elvenbreath, and Vaengi.  ALL of these are RFL items!

I’m also showing off Jamman’s new release, the Black Leather Rose & Chains jewelry set.  Each piece is adorned with thorns.  Beautiful and very dangerous….  😉

4-27-12 Dark and Lovely

4-27-12 Dark and Lovely
Outfit: Elvenbreath Amalica (Fantasy Fair- RFL item)

Choker, Bracelets, and Ring: Jamman Black Leather Rose and Chains Set

Wings: Vaengi Sheer Bat Wings- Irid Dark 06  (Fantasy Fair- RFL item)

Hair: EMO-tions Amandine- dark brown (Fantasy Fair- RFL item)

Nails: Jamman– Deluxe Fingernails

Poses: Manifeste 08 & Ricielli 03

Location: Innsmouth


About Eliza Mint

Second Life Model
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One Response to Succubus

  1. Malicious Seelowe says:

    Hard not to be taken by that she-devil. Congrats Arthus and Eliza.

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