Petites….Always Learning New Things

5-23-12 EMO-tions & MoonDance

When I first bought my petite, I was so excited and yet, a little confused.  As I often do, I made a folder with links to a complete outfit- shape, body parts, etc.  I didn’t even realize certain key things.  Now I might just have really poor attention to details…

Petites come with 3 hand types you can mix and match- fists, closed, and somewhat pointed. 

So…. I get these great new petite nails from MoonDance.  They are teeny tiny cute in a black and colored filigree pattern.  They are also color-change which I believe everything in SL should be.  😉  I put them on and am completely confused because they are hovering.  I detach, rewear, etc, etc and finally IM the creator, Kathrin Dassin, who is very cool and comes right over to help (well, first my orb booted her, but hey, we’ve all been there.  (btw, if you’re the weirdos who keep coming to my house to use my bed… please stop!  lol))  Anyway, so after much discussion, we realize that our hands are different sizes!  Now when I bought the petite, it came with a notecard basically saying that Edit Appearance won’t work on the petite, so I never even tried!  But sure enough, my avatar from Al Vulo was hand size 13 whereas Kathrin’s avatar from Fallen Gods was hand size 50.  The good news is that it was a quick fix because the Edit Appearance worked like a charm and my hands are now size 50.  Thankfully Kat is going to get around to offering these are in other sizes.  🙂

Some Edit Appearance options work… not a lot… and there is very little you can change about the face.  Hands, Height, Shoulder and Hip Width, Eye Pop (because I know you all use that!  😛 ) are among the ones that work.
5-23-12 EMO-tions & MoonDance

This is a wonderfully detailed new release from EMO-tions.  It comes in Petite, as well as full-sized.  You can see the armor options can be changed as well as the skirt.  I love this style for a Fantasy look!  Beautiful!

5-23-12 EMO-tions & MoonDance

I also changed my eye color.  Usual size Eliza has green eyes, so I’m now using these adorably tiny eyes from Mayfly.  They even come in a variety of sizes to give you just the look you want.

Outfit: EMO-tions Persephone

Hair: D!va Mui (Type B)- citrine

Eyes: Mayfly Deep Sky Petite Eyes- absinthe shadow, W4

Nails: MoonDance Petite Square Filigiri

Poses: Everglow, Di’s Opera, Agapee

Location: Mystic Forest


About Eliza Mint

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  1. Thank you for the blog my dear 🙂

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