A Whole Mess of Mesh

41,000 items and nothing to wear…

I loved this new Dressing Room prop from PNP!  5 adjustable  animations and a color change wall!  This would be perfect incorporated into a house too.  Even our avatars need more closet space!

5-28-12 Dressing Rm 1

This is a new release from the fun store, Blueberry.  Styled with sexy Chandelle heels, you’ll be ready for strolling the stores to fill that closet!

5-28-12 Dressing Rm 3

So many mesh spring outfits…  What to wear?  These shoes were an easy decision and perfect combination to this Chandelle dress.  What constitutes “easy decision”?  FREE!  As a matter of fact everything in this store Vignette/In Her Shoes is FREE.  Wow!

5-28-12 Dressing Rm 2

This newest Blueberry release comes in a variety of colors and each outfit comes with heeled boots!

I was having fun with petites today… Someone is hiding in one of these pictures… can you find?  😉

Picture 1

Dress: Blueberry Aika2 Mesh Dress vintage- purple

Shoes: Chandelle Heart- purple

Jewelry: je suis… aimee necklace short

Hair: D!va Kanon (Type B)- citrine

Nails: Jamman Dots Color HUD

Picture 2

Dress: Chandelle Abie6- red

Shoes: Vignette Betty Dots- red

Jewelry: je suis… l’amour necklace short

Hair: D!va Rena (Type B)- citrine

Nails: Jamman Dots Color HUD

Picture 3

Dress & Shoes: Blueberry Mesh Magic Outfit- green

Hair: D!va Nana (Type B)- citrine

Nails: Jamman Dots Color HUD


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