New Pose Store in Town

6-3-12 Voluptia 2

6-3-12 Voluptia
I wanted to show off a couple stunning new items.  First is Voluptia’s Cabaret Corset.  It is mesh and form-sitting.  Just when you thought your SL waist couldn’t get any smaller, mesh tighten your corset even tinier.  😉

I’m also showing some beautiful new poses!  That’s right, there’s a new pose store in town.  Neiva Kumasi Poses has several beautifully created pose sets, including these two animations.  Definitely have a look!

Corset, skirt, hat & nipple pasties: Voluptia Cabaret Corset- violet

Boots: HOC Industries Thigh Boots

Hair: D!va Senri2 Type 6- citrine

Nails: Jamman Deluxe Color HUD

Poses: Neiva Kumasi Poses Seductively Me & Delightful


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3 Responses to New Pose Store in Town

  1. mishami says:

    Reblogged this on fashionforwardinsl.

  2. Love the blog thank you so much Eliza :)). I posted the link to your blog onto my blog. Thank you again.

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