Just a Little Closer

7-28-12 Pulchritude

7-28-12 Pulchritude 2

Here’s a great crocheted hippy dress from Pulchritude for only $99L.  It might seem warm for this summer weather but it is deceptively cool and airy!  Perfect for these summer days!

I’m also wearing a 2-in-1 hair from EMO-tions called Wendy from the Hair Fair.  It ends this weekend, so RUN!  You wear and just click it to change it from an updo to a long down style or back up again.

I know I’ve mention Jamman nail HUDs before… well, they have been made even better with some add on rings!  (I could kick myself for not getting in closer… I’ll call a “do-over” very soon!)  You can see the cute bow that is color change and the other hand I wore “peace love hate” words.  A fun way to switch things up a little bit!

My lipstick- Mocksoup Graves of M.O.C.K. passed out this lipstick that eloquently states “Cancer Sucks”.  Besides that being VERY true (and it also matching WAY too perfectly to pass up), it also is a good segue into an upcoming event that I’ll be blogging called Pink Ribbon Fair.  It starts in one week and every designer has items with 100% going to the American Cancer Society.

Dress: Pulchritude– Boho Dress

Shoes: N-Core Triumph- One Voice Edition

Earrings: Caroline’s Curacao Cabochon

Hair: EMO-tions Wendy- Brown (Hair Fair- ends Sunday!)

Nails: Jamman Dots Color HUD

Rings: Jamman peace love hate & Pink Ribbon

Poses: Everglow 137 & Glitterati 115

Location: Marblehead


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