Blueberry Photo Contest!

7-30-12 Blueberry Akee

I’m blogging this cute dress from Blueberry.  It is a one-piece mesh with a layered skirt.  Very flirty and fun!

My hair is called Felice and is one of EMO-tions 2-in-1 styles. Long flowing braids that then can be clicked and turn into fluffy ponytails.

Blueberry is having a Photo Contest!  Blueberry is an established mesh centered clothing and accessories store, and we are proudly presenting you Blueberry Photo Contest 2012.

To enter:
First please read all the rules!
1-Please make sure you have a Flickr account.
2-Join the contest group on Flickr:
3-Take you picture
4-Submit it in the group.
5-Rename your picture to: Blueberry Photo Contest: [Your Name] [Date]
6-Send it to Blueberryxx Resident.

1st place: 10,000 lindens
2nd place: 5,000 lindens
3rd place: 2,500 lindens

-All contestants must have a Flickr account and submit the picture to the Blueberry Photo Contest 2012 group on Flickr.

-Please keep the pictures moderate maturity.
-Editing the pictures is okay. Please keep in mind though what matters to us most is how you interpret Blueberry through your eyes.
-Every person can submit 2 different pictures.
-Free theme – sky is the limit.
-Must be wearing at least 1 piece of clothing from Blueberry
-Group gifts are allowed.
-Competition is great, but please don’t attack each other, no verbal abuse between contestants.
-The judges will include 2 very talented designers and a real life photo artist.
-August 21st is the deadline to submit your picture.
-Results will be given at 26th August.
-Must have fun!
-Any submitted photos can be used by Blueberry, to display in the store or more. Credits will always be given to the original creator of the picture.

Any questions?
Please make a notecard, add your name to the notecard and send it to Blueberryx Resident.

Dress: Blueberry Akee Mesh Dress- rose

Shoes: Chandelle Pry- black

Jewelry: je suis… musterious

Hair: EMO-tions Felice- naturals

Nails: Jamman Fantasy2 Color HUD

Pose: Everglow Girls 071

Location: Lionheart


About Eliza Mint

Second Life Model
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