Review Policy

Thank you for considering me to blog about your item.  I am happy to consider all requests, but please keep in mind that I generally do not blog about skin, homes, or furniture.  I do sometimes, but it’s simply not my forte.  I also will only blog items that appeal to me.  If it does not suit my style, I am likely to decline.

While I enjoy blogging and consider it an SL job, I do it in the manner I wish.  I may feature your item or I may incorporate it with other mentioned designs within the same blog post.  I also almost always put text with my blog photos, but there are times in which I do not talk about the designs.  Pictures speak louder than words sometimes.  I always give credit to all creations within a picture, including poses and sim locations, unless taking pictures on my own land.  The exception is my usual skin and shape… I just like keeping it private.  😉

Please send me notecards with included textures along with an IM.  I am often capped and this will help in not losing your notecard.  I’m honored to be considered!

Thank you!



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